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 Jace build (Shot path)

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PostSubject: Jace build (Shot path)   Wed Jul 30, 2014 4:30 pm

Notes about the build:

  • Cosmicalc doesn't support core tunes, so I can't include Custom Sway or Back Protect in the build. Do get them, though! Especially Custom Sway.
  • This build has no EX tunes. You can swap out some of the high ____ alpha/beta tunes for EX tunes if you want, though.
  • Accessories can be subtituted for any combo that gives a total of 2 wlk, 1 tec, and 5 HP for the same effect. Both must be slotted, though, keep this in mind.

This is my Jace build. I'm not good enough at the game to feel like my input on how to play him is worth it, but I can at least give you my build.

And, also, a few tips:

  • Sway backwards, then use Shot Arts, then fire off a freeze shot. This will help you get away from melees in some situations.
  • In some situations, shock shots are more useful as anti-melee than freeze shots. I suck dick at this game so I don't know which situations lol
  • Barrier shots are surprisingly good for maps with narrow chokepoints, such as Tundra Wall or Dirty Waterway.
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Jace build (Shot path)
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